Sea of green, Hawi, Hawaii

Let me take a deep breath first. Let me soak in all the fabulous high mountain air.

Now let me hang to something. Fast! Let me hope that the wind does not carry me away!

: )

The road from Hawi to Waimea in the north of Big Island, Hawaii, is beyond description. This is one place you will have to be in person to figure what I mean, because my photography does not do it justice. This is one place I felt closer to the heavens, and not because I was some 3000 feet above sea level.

Imagine yourself, surrounded by blinding greenery, high up on a mountain, and the mountain gently slopes down to the bright blue ocean. Now imagine cool air blowing over the grass. Imagine a old volcanic cinder cone in the distance, and dont forget to imagine the curious cows dotting part of the landscape. And then, just for once, imagine you are alone, looking over the green grass, looking down at the ocean.

And then, there is the immense gust of wind, and it carries you away. Away over the green grass, past the grazing cows, past the cinder cone, till you are floating weightless over the blue ocean.

If you can imagine this, you will find yourself there at the highway to the heavens.