Sea Caves.  Napali coast. Kauai, Hawaii

I have seen a bit of the world as it used to be many thousands of years back. It's called the Napali Coast, and it's in Kauai. Its about twenty miles of coastline that stands some three thousand feet tall at places, much of it untouched by humans. Jagged peaks stand as sentinels over a wild, churning ocean. Deep green valleys are carved by rainfall, and waterfalls stand a few thousands of feet high. White birds with long tails glide effortlessly over its dense canopy. It's a place the wanderlust dream is made of. And what beautiful names of valleys that evoke the memories of paradise: Hanakapiaai, Kalalau, Honopu.

See it from a distance. Leave no trace.

Napali cliffs.  Napali coast. Kauai, Hawaii
Napali cliffs. Napali coast. Kauai, Hawaii.