Iceland's Diamond Beach at Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon sparkles in the sun

Diamond beach is where icebergs go to die, and no, they aren't even woke. (Thank you, Ron de Santis, for stupid sayings you will be remembered for) :-)

Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon in Iceland is large, extending a few miles in width and breadth. At the southern tip of the lagoon, the water of the lake flows down into the sea, and along the water flow the chunks of icebergs in all shapes and sizes. The ocean is not always hospitable towards these icebergs, so it tries to push them back the way they came. A lot of these orphaned icebergs turn up on the beach, pushed by the water flow in one end, and the ocean waves in the other. There they lie on the black sand beach, looking other-worldly in their fleeting grandeur before they eventually melt away in the mild Icelandic sun.

When we arrived sometime before the sunset, the Diamond Beach did not disappoint.

We played along the icebergs in the beach, making them our seats in a rather cold world. R decided to hug an iceberg which was in water, but it turned out to be a cold embrace as far as the mass of ice was concerned.

The icebergs floating on the lake and on the stream leading to the ocean were amazingly beautiful, and we sat around watching the many colors of blue as it slowly got towards dusk.

It was time to go to Hofn, our shelter for the night, which turned out to be a pretty but nondescript little town by the sea. 

Where we travelled on the fourth day in Iceland



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