Iceland's Stokksnes peninsula is out of the world beautiful

Ruggedly beautiful, thats how you can describe the Stokksnes peninsula, which lies to the east of Hofn in South Iceland. The mountains here are jagged, the landscape is empty, and the land wears shades of green and grey.

On a cloudy day, we were on our way out of Hofn to Seydisfjordur in north east Iceland. We had never heard of Stokksnes peninsula, but on our way the stark beauty of the place caught our eye. Risking a possible flat tire, we cautiously went down the embankment of the Ring Road, hoping that our tiny Volkswagen had the power to bring us back on the road (it did). We spent a lot of time amazed at the ethereal beauty of the place. 

Just down the road, we came across the famous Icelandic horses with proud mane fluttering in the wind. Curious creatures, they were, gentle and harmless. We got to feed them some grass from our side of the fence, which, we suppose, they appreciated much. After all, grass is greener on the other side, and even the horses knew that.

On our way again, we were definitely in the least populated stretches of Iceland. There were hardly any house around here, just mountains and rather inhospitable looking "black sand" (more like black pebbles) beaches.

The weather was getting bad, with rains all around, as we reached the famous monolith rock jutting out from a black sand beach. We were getting a bit worried about the weather, since we had a long long way to go through multiple eastern fjords of Iceland. So we decided to bypass the eastern fjords, and take a mountain road, against all good reasoning. But of that later.



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